Global Promotion and management tool

For artists, playlist editors, journalists, managers and labels

  • pitch music directly to thousands of playlist editors
  • promote and manage Spotify artist profiles
  • get state of the art statistics on stream and follower development
  • see who is listening to music and target similar fans
  • optimize routine tasks with artificial intelligence
  • get search functions with complex data processing (big data)
  • identify remixers / collaborators
  • communicate with fans
  • send music directly to DJs accross the globe
  • benchmark music to artists in similar genres
  • get overview of airplay charts and global rankings
  • screen music for A&R professionals
Spotify Playlist Network 450.632 playlists
Consolidated Followers 179,1 mil fans
Ongoing Track Promotions 13.393 tracks

Spotifame is used by thousands of major artists and thousands of worldwide playlist editors

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Spotifame’s initial core structure was made possible by a grant from the The Nordic Council of Ministers. As of 2020 our innovative service is operated as a nonprofit operation and is completely free for artists. Spotifame has no corporate affiliation with Spotify.